3 DIY Hacks for Cost Effective Dog Toys

It’s a priority for dog owners to always keep their furry friends happy. Though I’m sure they're appreciative of the love, comfort, and big giant hugs, we have to admit, they love their toys just as much.  Now, here’s the problem: It’s expensive. With that being said, here are three easy do-it-yourself dog toys that you can easily make for your furry pals:

DIY #1

Water Bottle/Tennis Ball Toys

Step 1:

Take an emptied out water bottle or one old tennis ball of your choice.

Step 2:

Take an old sock that has since lost its partner.

Step 3:

Insert the water bottle/tennis ball in the sock!

DIY #2

Braided Ropes (One shirt makes 2 toys)

Step 1:

Take an old t-shirt

Step #2

Carefully cut sleeves and collar to make two rectangular sheets of fabric

Step #3

Cut the two sheets of fabric and cut into 3 strips

Step #4

Take 3 strips, bunch them together and make a big knot at the end

Step #5

Start Braiding and end the braid with another knot and repeat for the remaining strips of


DIY #3

Automatic treat dispenser

Step 1:

Take an empty water bottle

Step 2:

Carefully make random holes big enough for dog food or treats to seep through

Step 3:

Put dog food or treats in the water bottle and you’re finished!