Heat Isolate Technology™ is our cutting-edge cooking process that ensures essential food ingredients like fats, probiotics, and vitamins are properly infused and retained in every one of your pet’s kibbles. Many pet food companies claim to use the best ingredients, only to shortcut the preparation process by simply spraying fat over the food surface and exposing kibbles to high cooking temperatures. These methods create harmful oxidation and overheating which reduce the food’s nutritional value and shorten its shelf life — regardless of the starting ingredients.


Every Artemis kibble is prepared inside a heat-controlled, vacuum-sealed infusion chamber that densely coats your pet’s food with essential fats, probiotics, and vitamins. Pressurized air then gently pushes these key ingredients past the kibble’s surface and deeper down into its micropores, locking in the kibble’s nutritional bio-availability and extending its shelf life. The result is healthier pet food that lasts longer. And because Artemis kibble is made with sustainably-sourced Atlantic Herring and pure-filtered water at our human-rated food production facility, you can be sure your best friend is always getting the best meal.


We grind the ingredients to less than 100 microns (consistency of flour), whereas most pet food manufacturer facilities grind in a consistency similar to that of grounded coffee. Fine grind ultimately leads to producing denser pellets which results in... • Superior digestion • Feeding less • No pellet expansion in the intestinal tract • Better oral health • Less bag dust • More nutrition and less waste

Freshness Valve
One way air valve allows the air to exit and thus ultimately protecting each kibble’s nutrient potency and fat oxidation.

Ancestry vs Evolution

Choosing the best diet for your dog can be confusing — are they meat-loving carnivores or are they omnivores that should also be eating grains and plants?

We believe the answer can be both. High-meat diets fulfill dogs’ biological needs and the species has also evolved to produce the digestive enzymes necessary to access the vitamins, minerals, and fiber in carbohydrates.

Artemis H.I.T.™ is low-carb with the right carbs.

Our kibble supports a meat-rich diet with highly digestible carbohydrates to ensure your dog receives all the essential nutrients it needs to be at its best. We’ve skipped the standard, over-processed starches that can trigger inflammation and lead to disease. Instead, Artemis H.I.T. is formulated with healthy, low-glycemic whole grains, like quinoa, to provide additional nutrients with optimal absorption.

The result is a biologically appropriate diet that balances ancestry with evolution, so your four-legged friend has all the nourishment and energy it needs to thrive.



H.I.T.™ Infusion Process