Osopure (Oh!-So-Pure) is the Artemis answer to your pets demand for a protein-centered, grain free approach to achieving nutrition. We hand select the highest quality protein sources as the base of this specialized formula. Osopure not only mirrors the balance of nutrition one would find in the wild, it enhances it

  1. Limited Ingredient, Single Source Diets - Hypo Allergenic Ingredients i.e.: Duck, Turkey and Salmon
  2. ALL life-stage formulas Kibble size - appropriate for all size dogs
  3. Potato Free ǀ Grain Free ǀ Gluten Free ǀ GMO Free
  4. Garbanzo Beans - Superior carbohydrate, low glycemic index - Great source of fiber and high in B vitamins
  5. Optimal Protein Level - For all life stages 24%
  6. NO Chicken Protein or Chicken Fat - Hypo-allergenic
  1. NO Rendered Animal Fat - Replaced using Coconut and Sunflower oils
  2. Coconut and Sunflower Oils - Skin & coat, heart health, boost energy, strengthen immune system, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. -NO CANOLA OIL
  3. Pumpkin - Great for digestion and urinary tract support - Also helps move hairballs through a cat’s digestive system -GREAT FOR DOGS AND CATS WITH SENSITIVE STOMACH
  4. Yucca Schidigera - Reduces odor in stool, reduces body odor, reduces inflammation and helps maintain a healthy skin and coat
  5. ZERO Wheat ǀ ZERO Soy ǀ ZERO Corn - Fillers found in grocery store brands
  6. Small Batches - Helps maintain quality control
  7. Rotational Feeding - Transition nicely between all formulas