4 Reasons Grain Free Is the Way To Be!

If we understood barks, I’m sure your pup would be as concerned with their food consumption as you are with yours. With that being said, speaking on behalf of all health conscious dogs out there, here are 4 reasons grain free is the way to be!

1.  Did you know that grain-free products contain meat-based ingredients such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish, etc? It helps in contributing to your pet’s higher energy level while also allowing them carry on with a natural and carnivorous diet!

2.  It’s a misconception that grain-free products limits the benefits and nutritional value of dog food; not only will it still provide a complete and balanced nutrition, but they’re also hypoallergenic! With that being said, it’ll cause fewer allergic reactions to your beloved pup, and of course, making it a healthier alternative and a more reasonable choice instead of having to settle for anything that contains grain.

3.  Pea starch, contained in grain-free products, will provide the necessary carbohydrates your dog needs as their source for energy. This way, they’ll be even more ecstatic for quality time during your daily walks; can you imagine that?!

4.  Some pet owners believe corn meals are exceptional; wrong! Because corn is a whole grain, it is fairly difficult to digest for pups; not that it has much nutritional value to it anyway - compared to spinach and peas, the vitamin content of corn can easily be overlooked.

Osopure from Artemis Pet Food is the answer to your pets demand for a protein-centered, grain free approach to achieving nutrition.  With hand selected ingredients and the highest quality protein sources as the base of this specialized formula, Osopure not only mirrors the balance of nutrition one would find in the wild, it enhances it.