6 Vitamins and Minerals Essential to Your Pets Health

Our canine and feline friends require a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain different aspects of their health.  Here are 6 vitamins and minerals and how they impact your pets health:

  1. Vitamin E - not only improves circulation and tissue repair, but also promotes normal blood clotting and healing, and aids in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, prolonging your dog's life and enabling them to celebrate many more fourth of July and other festivities with you.
  1. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - assists in the absorption of iron and is vital to the growth and improvement of body tissues.
  1. Iron Proteinate & Ferrous Sulfate - helps in the maintenance of a healthy immune system, and the production of energy, hemoglobin and myoglobin, and the oxygenation of red blood cells, which all work together to help your pet defend against the development of anemia.
  1. Folic Acid - not only does it strengthen the immune system, but it also aids in energy production and the formation of red blood cells.
  1. Calcium Pantothenate & Vitamin D - the two vitamins work together to ensure the strong formation of bones and teeth, while also boosting the immune system. Canines with their active nature need not only solid bones to run and perform tricks but also sharp and healthy teeth for treats after accomplishing those tricks.
  1. Sodium Selenite (Selenium) - helps in the maintenance of a healthy heart and liver, and in the production of antibodies which help neutralize the bacteria and viruses that your pet would come across during daily walks or even travels.

Since reminding them to take their daily vitamins is out of the question, it’s important to ensure they are getting the required nutrients by choosing a high quality pet food.  The Osopure Collection from Artemis contains all 6 of the ingredients listed above.  A balanced diet is the first step to ensuring a long, healthy life for all of your furry friends.