Fur-well, Ticks!

Considering the fact that fleas undergo a 4-stage life cycle, most pet owners have that “the more the better” mentality when it comes to using flea flea products in order to speed up the process of termination. Truth of the matter is that, you can easily abuse your pet by using multiple products at once due to the amount of chemicals they contain. Even when carefully read and instructions were followed, there’s still a chance for adverse reactions. Below are some pointers on how you can help your furry friend avoid getting any unwanted visitors!

1.) Thoroughly wash and cleans all bedding, removable furniture covers, and clothes in a regular basis.

2.) Vacuum on a daily! By doing so, it will help pick up and get rid of the fleas’ eggs, pupae, adults and larvae before they even develop. Alos try putting in the flea collar inside the vacuum bag and emptying it frequently to prevent any hatching and re-infest their living quarters.

3.) Insecticides can be a huge help! Though non toxic Diatomaceous Earth (DE), flea bombs and foggers can be a useful tool to eliminate flea problems, be sure to clear the area of pets, people and also keep secure of any food before exposing the space with the insecticide since it can still be harmful to anyone’s health.

4.) Flea powder/sprays are only effective for 2-3 days and mainly only works with adults, but they’re also great from preventing inhibition of flea eggs and larval development.


Photo Credit: https://itchydogblog.wordpress.com