Dif-FUR-Rent Personality Types

Just like humans, a dog’s behavior will determine on how they were raised, who surrounds them on a daily, self esteem, and its breed. Really taking the time to understand your dog’s personality type will not only help educate you as to why he acts a certain way, but also clarify his behavior characteristic as an individual. Canines basically gets divided into five different types of personalities: Independent, Timid, Happy, Adaptable, and Confident. By getting to know your pet and having full knowledge on how they might act at certain situations, you can easily take some pointers on what to avoid doing in order to stray away from any possible behavioral issues and things getting too out of hand. Listed below are the different paws-ibble personalities; which one does your pup fall under?

1.) Independent: If your dog seems to be content with being away from crowds and needs to be given space, be careful on pushing any buttons! An independent pup is strong minded and does not like to be forced to anything; meaning you can easily lose his/her trust and respect. Being patient and fair is how to fully win your furry friend’s heart.

2.) Timid: Notice any sensitivity with sudden movements and loud noises? Chances are, your dog is very shy, insecure and in need of a lot of reassurance, understanding and comfort! Heavy handed type of training (including yelling) will only cause your pet to be more aggressive and fearful of you and uncomfortable situations. Praise tiny success and provide treats as rewards to help boost their confidence and build trust by bonding!

3.) Happy: A happy dog is always welcoming to new friends and look forward to any type of activity! Take them on lots of walks to keep them on their toes and away from being depressed and lonely at home.

4.) Being obedient, affectionate, and completely cooperative sums up to an Adaptable personality; they’re easy to train and follow all commands. They don’t cause any problems with other pets nor do they rebel unless they were hurt. As the owner that they completely love and trust, always make them feel appreciated!

5.) Confident: The leader of the pack a team player in most situations! Harsh discipline will lead to aggressive tendencies since it counteracts with their personality; if your dog isn’t doing anything completely harmful, let them take charge of their surroundings. They only want to guard/protect you! They’re naturally dominant and enjoy serving their owners.

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