Life is Ruff

Since dogs are typically so loving and easygoing, they can’t help but just tolerate their owners… Even if we’re guilty of doing things that they clearly do not enjoy. Sure some situations are unavoidable, such as giving baths or getting shots from the vet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways where we can make their lives easier to live so we avoid them from going mutts! Below are some common traits that dogs are not really fond of; does your pup relate to any of them?

1.) Just like humans, none of us enjoy people casually having their hands all over our face. If the dog does not not you well, avoid rushing towards them, wiping all over their face, and/or towering over them since they might interpret it as a threat. Instead, approach them slowly and with care to avoid any fur-ocious acts.

2.) Yelling at your dog to teach discipline is one thing, but scaring them is another. Fear does not reflect respect, and punishing them will only destroy you two’s relationship. Instead, you can demonstrate them right doings and reward good acts instead of yelling or hitting.

3.) Spend as much time with your pet as they do develop separation anxiety when apart from their owners. Though some are comfortable just being around other dogs, there are still a percentage who lives for human companionship. If you simply don’t have the time to give your dog attention they need, then a pet sitter is the closest other option.


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