Paw-some Facts About Your Pup’s Personality!

Just like humans, dog’s also have a personality of their own. Though we can somehow guess based off of their temperament, we can never actually be too accurate with our assumptions. The best way of really getting to know our pup is by simply observing their daily doings and seeing how they like to spend their day! Does your dog relate to any of the activities below? If so, continue reading to learn more about their pug life.

1.) Pet-working If you only have one furry friend at home and you notice they leap from excitement when you mention doggy day-care, it might possibly be time to get another brother or sister! Super sociable dogs tend to be generous with their toys, initiate lots of play time, and run to others to say hi. Having an extroverted dog is truly the best since they enjoy keeping you and everyone else company!

2.) Paw-limpian If your dog loves to be in the water and can keep swimming for an endless amount of time, it is highly likely that they came from a breed trained for retrieving or even water rescues; such as brave and energetic Newfoundlands/poodles! Though it can be a challenge, guaranteed they’ll always have your back.

3.) Raise the ruff! If sticking their head out of the car or staring at the sun roof are the first things your dog does in the vehicle, then they definitely have a case of wanderlust! Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery story or lay by your feet at the office, they manage to stay content. That’s because they live for seeing different surroundings! They can get destructive without new experiences and don’t respond well to being crated, so be sure to always keep them on their paws at all times.


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