Exercising on the daily is not only important for your health, but it’s also a great bonding
experience between you and your furry friend. Most would only count walks as their
dog’s daily activity (which of course, I can’t deny is better than staying at home while
eating kibbles all day), but not many would take the time to explore other options. Since
plenty of Holidays are coming up, when you get the chance off of work, test your
puppy’s abilities by taking them to training! You’ll most likely be surprised with what
they’re capable of doing and it’ll also help them practice their social skills, along with
discovering new hobbies.

Listed below are a few sports your doggy could participate in!
1.) Agility
If you’re a fan of teamwork and constantly spending time with your pup, Agility may be
the perfect activity for you two! As an owner, it’s your responsibility to guide them
through different kinds of obstacles in a specific order. It’s an excellent form of exercise
and mental stimulation!

2.) Disc Dogs
If playing catch is one of their favorite things to do, then your pet may have the potential
to be a winner at this sport. Put a twist on your visits at the park and spice up your
typical frisbee sessions! Practice distant throws and see how far and fast your doggy is
willing to chase after it.

3.) Dock Jumping
Is your furry pal a big fan of waves? If they’re the type to jump at every pool or lake at
any outdoor gatherings, Dock Diving may be the perfect sport of them! Dock Diving is
determined based on the height and distance from base to where they land in the water.
If this seems like an activity they would enjoy, I don’t see why training professionally
would be a paw-blem!

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