This Heat Has Us Going Mutts!

When we think of summer, almost instantly our mind wanders off to all things cool and refreshing. While we’re occupied planning trips to the beach, dipping our toes in the pool and scouting locations for the the next bark-B-Q, we tend to forget that our furry ones are also in need of the extra attention. Here are top 3 hacks you can do to help your fluffy friends this hot season!

  • Too much sun can hurt your dog as much as it can hurt you. The raise on the temperature can put certain breeds at risk, so always be prepared by bringing doggy sunscreen wherever you go! Nobody likes a burnt hot dog anyway.
  • If you think you’re burning during your casual strolls, also keep in mind of your pup’s bare paws. Putting shoes may sound ridiculous (based on your furry friend’s patience and tolerance), so for their convenience, take a stroll where there’s more shade! Instead of also going out midday, take consideration on walking them during sunrise/sunset for a more cooler environment. Staying away from direct sunlight will help conserve more of you and your dog’s energy, plus help maintain their sensitive paws in tip top condition.
  • Though every dog owner who trusts their pets would completely be okay with the idea of letting them off the leash, be sure to keep them nearby whenever any festivities involving fireworks pop up. Their first initial response to any loud noises would be to run away; so either keep them close or get them microchipped for extra protection.