Tricks To Train

With the fear of ruining their shiny floors and perfectly clean furnitures, new dog owners are always on the lookout for quick, easy ways to train their little pups without having to spend a fortune on classes and private sessions. Though if you really need the extra hand by hiring a personal dog trainer, the perks of classes is actually challenging your dog to adapt and learn how to deal with distractions when faced towards other pets. If you prefer doing it on your own, take note that spending quality time with your furry pal (preferably 10-15min, 2-3 times a day) is very crucial to this process; every little praise and motivational cheer counts! So be careful, because too long of a training session won’t be as successful simply because puppies tend to have shorter attention spans, as do adult dogs get bored quite easily-- which results to poor focus. Along with getting them used to responding to your calls, teaching them to stay, sit and lay down are the solid basics you should teach your dog to practice their obedience. Clicker training, positive reinforcements and treats are a huge factor to get their attention and keep them trying to succeed, since they’re feeding off of rewards and good energy. Some common behaviors that you might face are constant jumping, barking, and maybe a little aggression. One way to fix any misbehaviors is to interrupt it midway and show them comfort to relieve any stress from commands. Never punish your pup or express any anger since it will only cause confusion and disobedient actions. Other than that, all it takes is patience. With that being said, good luck! But most of all, enjoy and treasure every minute because you’ll really only have to go through this phase once (unless, of course, you get another pup... I mean, how can’t you?! THEY’RE SO CUTE!)


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