Howl-O-Ween Instincts

Depending on your beliefs and perspective with the Halloween culture, majority of pet owners still have this slight hunch that their furry pals have some sort of “paw-ranormal” instincts. Since it’s the month of October, I thought it would be fun to share some spooky observations from other pet owners regarding their pup’s weird behaviors! With that being said, continue reading at your own risk… It’s time to look into the bark side. Listed below are 3 signs that your pet might paw-ssibly have seen something out of the ordinary.

1.) Staring into random areas inside your home and their eyes following something that’s invisible

When dogs are at the comfort of their own home, they’re not as alert protective as they are in public. With that being said, if something catches their attention and put complete focus on it, there’s a high chance that they’re seeing certain things you can’t.

2.) Becoming irritable at nothing (barking, hissing, growling, etc..)

Referencing the first example, some dogs become very defensive especially if they become exposed to something that’s unfamiliar. If you hear them bark or growl at something invisible, it’s just their way of protecting their owners from what they see as harmful.

3.) Unresponsive when their name is called

If your dog is more on the quiet/shy type, then the previous explanation might not relate so well. What would make sense though is if they suddenly start disobeying your calls. Typically, if a dog’s the “insecure” type, they would naturally always be around their owners for comfort and reassurance. The moment they disregard your command to be approached, it may be because they see something near you that triggers their fear.